The Bridge is a new church plant of the Christian and Missionary Alliance in East Brunswick, NJ.

Join us every week for service at 10 am
on Sundays.

This Coming Sunday

S.O.S 2010

Do you ever like there’s got to be more to the Christian life than just worship and fellowship?  Do you ever wonder if the church is making any real impact in the community in which it exists?  Do you ever wonder what local means when we call ourselves the local church?  These are the kind of questions the leadership team wrestles with and it is why we have chosen to spend half of our Sundays this summer serving our community.  

We believe the Great Commandment shouldn’t just be personal or optional but central to our way of life as a congregation.  We believe that loving our neighbor requires practical demonstration. We believe that deep down, every person who loves Jesus wants to do more than just go to church, they want to be the church.  

So join us this summer as we learn more about our community, our God, and what it means for us to be the church.